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Top Boys Names

  Boy name Britto  Britto
  Boy name Sameh  Sameh
  Boy name Tau  Tau
  Boy name David  David
  Boy name Damian  Damian

Top Girls Names

  Girl name Meika  Meika
  Girl name Araina  Araina
  Girl name Kashvi  Kashvi
  Girl name La roux  La roux
  Girl name Shriya  Shriya

Todays Names

  Girl name Louellen  Louellen
  Boy name Ethyn  Ethyn
  Boy name Kadeer  Kadeer
  Girl name Titi  Titi
  Girl name Amada  Amada

Finding your baby name and name meaning

Below is a quick run through of the various ways you can find a baby name or pet name and the name meaning.

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You can also browse our popular names list or generate a random name if you are stuck for ideas.